Mr. Obama: What’s So Funny?

Dear Mr. Obama:

You are not a community organizer or a comedian, you’re the President of the
United States of America. Act like it!

Your recent comments and actions have left many of us wondering what your
real professional aspirations are. While the month of May appears to have started
out well for you with the announcement that Osama bin Laden had been found and
killed, the rest of the month has been a disaster for you and your administration. What’s So Funny?

24 hours after you came out and announced that the world’s most wanted terrorist
had been killed, your administration immediately started contradicting your account of the incidents that took place in Pakistan. Furthermore, it appears that you have more respect for the religion of Islam than you do for your Christian faith. Why Mr. President? Is it because you think the Judeo-Christian principles on which this country was built are a joke?

And what about the brave Navy Seals who took part in the assault operations? I guess you think it is laughable that these men are now requesting added security for their families because of your administration’s inability to use discretion and maintain secrecy. Subsequently, you have compromised their safety for your personal political gain. Again, I ask, “What’s So Funny?”

What’s the deal with your unscheduled celebratory visit to Ground Zero in New York City? I understand that your previous schedule did not permit time for you to go to New York during previous Annual Remembrances of 9/11. Why? If you were so concerned for the survivors of the victims of 9/11, why hadn’t you gone to visit them before now? You definitely made it clear that you were in support 0f building the mosque near Ground Zero! Why didn’t you go to New York and tell them to their face why you supported such a decision?

Last week, you invited rap artist “Common” to the White House. Besides rhyming
beautifully about a cop killer, he called for the burning of our former President Bush. This may just be another one of the ill-advised decisions you’ve made since deciding to give the order to capture or kill bin Laden, or maybe you’re telling us what you really think about cops and President Bush. With the country dealing with so many issues, what was your motivation to have such a controversial artist coming to the White House? So What’s So Funny?

Pakistan says we don’t respect their sovereignty, but we are okay with Mexico not respecting ours! With a massive number of crimes and killings taking place just across our border, you have the audacity to go to Arizona and make jokes about the seriousness of our security by saying: “The Republican party would not be satisfied even if you built a moat and filled it with alligators.” I am sorry, but I don’t get the joke. Our national security is your responsibility. You applied for the job and got it. Now handle your business. Maybe making inappropriate comments like these worked when you were in Chicago doing your community organizing or perhaps you are auditioning
for your post-presidency job, but, since you are still occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I would really appreciate it if you would leave the jokes up to those who get paid to make them.

And how about the recent report that gas, food and energy costs have reached their highest level under your administration? You have simply not even tried to relate to the common man in real terms. You’ve lived a privilege life everywhere from Indonesia to Hawaii to Chicago to DC. Yet, you try to give people the impression you came up hard. You travel on Air Force One, paid for by taxpayers. You travel in Presidential motorcades, paid for by taxpayers. You live in the “People’s House” eating the “People’s Food,” and you attend events, supposedly on behalf of the “People”-all paid for by taxpayers. So what’s so funny? This is how you feel our pain?

And finally, Mr. President, you play the race card when it suits your needs. I would like to set the record straight. You are the first person of Kenyan-American heritage to be elected President of the United States. Those who have traditionally called themselves African-American cannot trace their roots any further than to the African continent. You sir, do not have that problem-you know exactly where your African family lives- in Kenyan huts not fit for my dog.  You’re definitely not bragging about being your brother’s keeper. Regardless, I believe you have played for fools the vast majority of the people of color who thought you not only related to their socio-economic blight but also would serve as an advocate for making “real change.” Instead, you have placed your loyal Democratic members of the Congressional Black Caucus in a compromising position.

How do they go back home and explain why the unemployment rate is so high among Black men when there is a Black man in the White House? How do they explain that that same person didn’t interview one African-American when there was an opening on the US Supreme Court? How do they explain that that same person said that there wasn’t a Black-American agenda, only an American agenda? You sold the world a bag of poorly made Chinese goods when you manipulated them into thinking “Hope and Change” was going to be positive, healthy and uplifting for all Americans.

Maybe, the American people are the joke, or would that make them the punch line?

“What’s So Funny Mr. Presdient?”


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