Cornell West vs. Reality and Other Liberal Black Leaders

By Rev. Wayne Perryman

According to the silence of our black leaders, African Americans are apparently doing very well despite on going gang violence in our inner-cities, a record number of home foreclosures in black communities, declining test scores among our youth and double digit unemployment – all happening under our first black president, who seem to be completely oblivious to these conditions. Have you noticed that there has not been one mass protest by African Americans pointing out these conditions since Obama took office?

Our black leaders may be silent on issues plaguing the black community, they are not however silent when it comes to supporting gay rights, gay lifestyles, and immigration reform. When Professor Cornell West criticized Obama for neglecting blacks and the poor, other black leaders who had been sleep since 2008, woke up and spoke up to defend the President, but in their defense they could not explain nor could they defend some of the things that they and various black websites had previously complained about.

Things like:
The Obama Administration reducing federal funding for Historically
Black Colleges by as much as $85 million dollars.

Eric Holder reducing a court award for black farmers from $2.7 billion dollars to $1.2 billion dollars.

Obama ignoring black parents in Chicago who pleaded for him to come to Chicago to speak to the black community about the record number of black youth being murdered and the record number of black on black crime since he took office. Crimes and murders that were taking place in the same neighborhood where he was the Community Organizer.

The Obama Administration failure to investigate why so many members of the Congressional Black Caucus were under investigation by the House
Ethnic Committee, while “not a single white lawmaker was currently the subject of a full-scale ethic committee probe.”

Obama never acknowledging the double digit unemployment among
African Americans or the impact that the down economy was having on the black community and its families.

Obama turning a deaf ear to the black clergy who complained about his threat to remove the discrimination clause from the Faith Based Initiative, which could possibly force the Christian church to hire gays and others who conflict with church doctrine.

The Obama Administration ignoring the appeal of the black broadcasters who asked for “stimulus money” to help them weather the economic storm.

While the Democrats take the black vote for granted and Republicans ignore the black vote focusing solely on the Latino vote, our blacks leaders are sitting silently by pretending that our “naked emperor” is fully clothed, and while fixating on this imaginary fat grotesque figure who has no concern for the black community, the black community sinks further and further into despair.



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