The Democratic Party’s Agenda Will Destroy America – Just As It’s Destroyed Black Communities

It has always amazed me how, when Democrats engage in bad behavior, some people find a way to point a finger of blame at Republicans.  As Rev. Wayne Perryman wrote, Democrats are “promoting the immoral agenda of gay marriage, gay rights, abortions, and the destruction of the Defense of Marriage Act along with other church related issues under the banner of the Separation of Church and State”.

To me, it is the American people who need to fight back and stop voting to elect morally bankrupt Democrats to head our government, such as President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress.  Most Americans dislike Gov. Sarah Palin who has been speaking out on moral issues, with most Americans saying they would not vote for her to be president.  So, what good does it do for a Republican to stand up for what is right on moral issues?

I’m also amazed that some people wrongly demonize Republicans for racist policies and laws when it’s Democrats who are to blame.  The roots of modern-day racism rests squarely in the Democratic Party.

From its inception in 1854 as the anti-slavery party until today, the Republican Party has always championed freedom and civil rights for blacks.  Notably, Republican Senator Everett Dirksen was the champion of the civil rights laws of 1957, 1960, 1964, 1965 and 1968, over the objection of the Democrats who had been  fighting to deny civil rights to blacks since after the Civil War.  Based on information in Rev. Perryman’s book:  “Whites, Blacks and Racist Democrats”, Republicans never abandoned blacks and never became like the Democratic Party.  As author Michael Scheuer wrote, the Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s:  slavery, secession, segregation and now socialism.  Democrats first used brutality and discriminatory laws to stop blacks from voting for Republicans.  Now Democrats use deception and government handouts to keep blacks from voting for Republicans.

Democrats have been running black communities for the past 40+ years, and the socialist policies of the Democrats have turned those communities into economic and social wastelands.  In his book “Dreams From My Father, Obama described what he and other Democrats do to poor blacks as “plantation politics”.  And today, the socialist policies of the Democrats being pushed on America by Obama will turn our country into a failed socialist nation.

The majority of blacks abandoned the Republican Party during the Kennedy era after Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. threw his support behind then Senator John F. Kennedy when he wrongly believed that Kennedy had gotten his son, Martin Luther King, Jr., out of the Reidsville jail.  In fact it was the King family friend, Harris Wolford, who was also the civil rights advisor for Kennedy, who made the call that got Dr. King, Jr. out of jail.   For details, please see the NBRA Civil Rights Newsletter that is based on Rev. Perryman’s book and is posted on the website of the National Black Republican Association at: .

Most blacks today refuse to vote for any Republican, black or white.  Democrats have hijacked the civil rights record of the Republican Party and wrongly convinced most blacks that the Republican Party is a racist party.  All efforts of the Republican Party to appeal to black voters over the past few years have failed, in large part because Democrats continuously demagogue the efforts of Republicans to connect with black voters, while offering government handouts as an incentive for blacks to continue voting for Democrats.

There will be no change in the deplorable conditions in black communities until blacks seize control over their own destiny, hold politicians accountable for the content of their policies, and not vote based merely on the label of their party.


Frances Rice is a lawyer, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and chairman of the National Black Republican Association.  She may be contacted at .


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