Roland and Debbie Don’t Know Jim Crow

By Charles Butler

This past week on Washington Watch with Roland Martin on TV One, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and host Roland Martin, misconstrued the facts about Florida and Georgia and other state houses around the country creating voter identification laws that will return our nation back to the times of Jim Crow.  Jim Crow is a Democratic Party concept, and they solely conceived, sponsored and enforced institution throughout the American South.  There are those of us that experienced the psychological pain of Jim Crow and will not allow people that only read about it in history books trivialize the institution in folly.  The notion of government-issued identification at the polling place is a pragmatic common sense approach to governing.

I would never allow Roland Martin use such a weak, milk toast explanation about requiring voter identification at the polls. Black people like Obama and Martin are threatened by Black men that are more intelligent than themselves with worldly experience and travel.  I have had discussions with both Barak-then and Roland and found them light on the use of historical facts that I used to make my points in our discussions.  It is common sense and should be a legitimate requirement to know who is in the polling box.  The esoteric hypothetical accusations of the left and the theorems of the miseducated Black elite are often too much to bear intellectually. This diatribe by Mr. Martin and Cong. Schultz is the classic example of media disinformation that is continually directed at the America, in an attempt to fire up racial discontent between America and Black Americans. This reminds me of the hysteria generated by the liberal media over Arizona SB1070, which the US Supreme Court upheld last week, to quiet coverage by the media.

Mr. Martin and Congresswoman Schultz displayed a gross lack of historical and political knowledge about civil rights legislation in this country and the roles the Republicans have played as the major sponsors, proponents and enforcers of the civil rights laws from World War II to the present, on a local, state and national level. The falsehoods presented to the TV ONE audience was unconscionable, however it was consistent with the blatant manipulation and misinformation about the history of our country and Black Americans by the media. I have attached a copy of the transcript from Mr. Martin’s television show on my website at and the WordPress blog at The video can be seen at I want you (the reader) to understand the context of which the comments were made about the voting identification laws.

Mr. Martin stated at the beginning of the segment, “we talk about the fundamental right of the Americans, but to put roadblocks up to 24 voting makes no sense to me”. Then, Cong. Schultz says that “we need to go back and revisit the year 2000 when we had it obvious disaster and out of that came the American Votes Act to make sure we iron out the kinks in the system.” She was referring to is the Al Gore George Bush election, and the Supreme Court’s ruling, which selected the President of the United States.

Cong. Shultz states that, “now you have Republicans, who want to literally drag us back to Jim Crow laws and literally and very transparently blocked access to the polls to voters who are more likely to vote for Democratic candidates than Republican candidates.  And is nothing short of that blatant”.

It is an insult to the intelligence and integrity of the American people, our legislative bodies around the country and especially Black Americans to play the race card over an issue where race is not an issue. We are required to produce a state issued driver’s license for many reasons during our daily activities. The purpose is to verify that a person has complied with the motor vehicle statutes of the state to operate a vehicle on the roads.  I cannot ascertain where it is an imposition or a violation of a person’s rights as citizen to ask for some form of government issued identification when performing a fundamental right to vote in elections.

I have been voting since 1970, and I have always taken my driver’s license with me to the polling place to identify myself to the election judges.  It seems like a common sense thing to do whether it is required or not. The arguments of Mr. Martin and Congresswoman Shultz were blatant misrepresentations of the intent of the voter ID laws across the country. Most Americans have access to some form of government issued identification; people that try to use this argument are playing a dangerous game with a serious issue based on their delirious hypothetical claims.

Like most liberals, Mr. Martin and Cong. Schultz will get caught in their untruths and distortions of the facts about the Florida and Georgia laws. I find it appalling and unconscionable if it is true that 25% of black American voters do not hold a valid photo government issued ID. Most people can obtain a driver’s license, or a state issue identification card. I attained one for my daughter when she was 12 years old, to go through airport security. The reality is state issued identification for poor and disabled people usually have some form of government aid that provides them a free identification card of some sort without a cost to obtain one.

The problem with liberals is that they want to be paternal and involve themselves in the manipulation of Black Americans right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If 25% of black Americans don’t have a state issued ID, then obviously they don’t want one. The onus should be placed on that 25% of Black Americans to obtain a form of government identification.  It is their personal responsibility to act like productive citizens.  They do not need the Democratic Party and government interference to tell them they need to vote or who to vote for.

However, Democrats feel they have right to dictate to Blacks how to vote.  In 2009 Attorney General Holder’s DOJ sued the city of Kinston, NC.  The DOJ went so far as to say partisan elections are needed so that black voters can elect their ‘candidates of choice”- identified by the DOJ as those who are Democrats and almost exclusively black.  This was a humiliating decision that reflected the perceived child-like mentality of Black citizens on record.  This story was carried not in the mainstream media because it is so blatantly racist and derogatory.  The DOJ in effect said that Black’s need a D on the ballot to know who to vote for go to this:  So why not ask for an X on the voter’s log for identification?

I think it is contingent on state governments to require that all voting citizens have some proof of identification. We have too many illegal immigrants acting as if they were citizens in our country. It is against Mexican immigration law Mexican citizens to participate in the politics of another country. Mexican President Calderon is telling illegals to vote for the Democrats and support President Obama.  They can’t vote they are living in our country illegally.  We need to immediately deport illegal immigrants that have broken our federal and state laws and send an invoice to their respective governments for the costs of relocation, lodging, and food. Calderon has to acknowledge that over $28B in remittances went to Mexico in 2008 from the U.S., that’s money not circulating in the American economy, i.e. local, state and federal tax revenues, turn-over in communities for little league baseball etc..  We as a country can no longer afford to have so many illiterate, unskilled, uneducated, laborers displace Americans in the same situation.

Remember people, the language of business and commerce is English, and French. In order to make America a better place, we need to take care of the Americans that already here, and have been here for generations.  Our government officials should focus on that fact instead of creating new crisis.

It happens that neither Congresswoman Shultz, born in 1966 nor Mr. Martin in 1968, never experienced Jim Crow in their lifetime, and they can’t even speculate accurately about the psychological pain of institution of Jim Crow.  I experienced Jim Crow first hand in the segregated South as a young boy and the remnants as a Naval Officer in the 70’s. By the time Ms. Shultz and Mr. Martin were born, I had been to a Jim Crow Florida numerous times with my father and my brothers from Detroit. So that meant we passed through Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama before reaching Florida. We couldn’t stop at roadside drive-in restaurants and be served like other people, even though we were decent and had money, because we were black. So we carried our food in the car, fried chicken, bologna, pops, ice chest, vegetables and fruit. My father and his cousin would drive the trip, would use the bushes beside the gas station to relief themselves, because blacks were allowed to use public restrooms or water fountains. Well, my brothers and I being from Detroit Michigan did not know that so we went in the restrooms like we did at home. My cousin Buddy won his deathbed in 2001 still reveled at the fact that those white people at the gas stations never said anything to us. However my brothers and I always thought we were taking too long in the bathroom so we would hurry so that my father and my cousin could use the restrooms. They didn’t want to expose us to cruelty of Jim Crow laws exercised by the people. However, when we went to the movies in Pensacola or De Funiak Springs, Florida, we have to sit upstairs in the balcony because we were black. So I quit going to the movies, because I refused to give those racist white people my father’s hard earned money.

My Dad always commented that I was special boy, in that I fought racism whenever it rears its ugly head all my life.  I always felt terrible for my father because of the treatment he received most of life, by the country he loved so much, he was a Navy veteran of World War II and my cousin an Army Korean War veteran.  I remember that all of my family members attended Florida A&M for college before integration.  So, I know a little about the institution we call Jim Crow.

People like Congresswoman Shultz and Roland Martin need to stop playing the race card, in hopes of stirring up racial discontent in America. There are real issues of discrimination in this country, like access to capital for black business people, access to the financial markets for their businesses.  President Obama’s approval rankings are reflective of his policies and his cabinet not because of the color of his skin.

I think we should deal with some facts about the history of Democrats and Republicans and the voting rights for black Americans. Most people don’t know that we had a Civil Rights Act of 1957 or 1960 which was proposed to Congress by Pres. Eisenhower. In 1957, 20% of black Americans had registered to vote. The goal of the 1957 civil rights act was to ensure that all black Americans could exercise their right to vote. Most people and historians tend to focus on the fact that pro-segregationist Sen. Strom Thurmond from South Carolina sustained the longest one person filibuster in the history of the U.S. Senate in an attempt to keep it from becoming law, while negating the Democratic Senate leader Lyndon Baines Johnson and Sen. Eastland of Mississippi and Sen. Russell from Georgia who systematically got it the enforcement clauses from the bill. The Democratic leaders realized that they could not stop the bill from being passed but they could make it useless which they did. The U.S. Civil Rights Commission was founded out of the CRA of 1957.

Martin Luther King, Jr., sent to telegrams to Pres. Eisenhower asking him to speak out from his office as president to the people of the South about the moral nature of the problem. Eisenhower was dismissive of Dr. King, responding “I don’t know what another speech would do about that thing right now”. Dr. King met with Richard Nixon for two hours to discuss civil rights. In fact, VP Nixon met with a number of black leaders at the White House to discuss civil rights and there is a picture of that meeting, on my website.

Much to his credit Richard M Nixon (a Quaker), and believed in fairness and opportunity for all Americans. Richard Nixon supported Sen. Robert Taft’s (Ohio Republican) American fair employment law in 1946. History for Blacks in this is so distorted that we credit two Democrats civil rights progress and aiding black Americans, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon the Johnson, while factually nothing could be further from the truth. John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson as Congressman and Senators never supported civil rights legislation. While Dick Nixon as a Congressman and Senator vehemently supported proposed civil rights legislation.  President Kennedy upon being inaugurated immediately began placing segregationist judges on the federal bench to stymie civil rights progress and appease the Southern Democrats in House and Senate.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a landmark piece of legislation in the United States it outlawed major forms of discrimination against blacks and women and including racial segregation. It ended unequal application of voter registration requirements and racial segregation in schools and the workplace and by the facilities that serve the general public (” public accommodations”). Initially the powers to enforce the act were weak and were supplemented during later years.

Let’s be clear, it was Sen. Everett Dirksen (R-IL) Thomas Kuchel (R-CA), Hubert Humphrey (D-MN) and Mike Mansfield (D-MT) introduced the substitute bill that attracted enough Republican swing votes to end a filibuster by Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WVA). We can review the votes of the both houses and see that Republicans overwhelmingly supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In fact Pres. Johnson personally thanked Sen. Dirksen for pushing civil rights legislation through.

The facts are far more interesting than the imagined hypothetical accusations of the liberal left, and the Black-elite that continue to embrace misinformation thereby misleading the masses with their distorted sense of history and politics.


Mr. Butler is a conservative talk show host in the third largest market in America, and a Senior Fellow at The New Coalition for Economic and Social  Change, based in Chicago, IL.  His favorite quote is “Liberalism seems to be related to a person’s distance from the problem. – Whitney  Young.  He coined the phase “Urban Terrorist are killing our Black
Youth” about the carnage in  Chicago’s Black community.

He is addressing political, educational, economic issues that affect all  Americans and specifically Black Americans from a conservative perspective in the mode of Booker T. Washington and Frederick Douglas.  Mr. Butler provides his audience with clear and concise information  about current and historical events based on extensive research and
political experience.  His analysis is hard hitting, straight forward, no nonsense, factual, and he says he does not tolerate “voodoo intellect.” He is considered fair and balanced in his  assessment of topics and details.  He has a group that calls themselves
“Charles’s converts.


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