Our Fiscal Crisis: We Cannot Tax, Spend and Borrow Enough to Substitute for Marriage

Written by MARRI Senior Fellow Dr. Henry Potrykus,”Our Fiscal Crisis: We Cannot Tax, Spend and Borrow Enough to Substitute for Marriage” shows that the slowdown in economic growth (shown in Chart 1 of the paper), coupled with the increased numbers of citizens dependant on the government, makes closing the deficit impossible for President Obama or anyone else who uses the present welfare state as the economic model to be sustained.

GDP growth is down and will continue to be down. This is explained by the decrease in marriage and families focused on children. As a nation we are no longer concerned with investing in our future through the next generation. This paper shows the relationship between stable married families and national economic growth.

“Our Fiscal Crisis” is the first in a series of papers documenting original MARRI research about the intergenerational formation of skills, competencies, and know-how [human capital] and the family’s role in forming that human capital. We show how important human capital is to our modern, knowledge-driven economy and how indispensable the stable, married family is to economic prosperity.

The paper is attached, and it can also be found on our website at: http://marri.frc.org/fiscal Please feel free to pass this paper on to your friends. We look forward to hearing any feedback which you have on it!

Pat Fagan, Director

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