Homosexuality – All Men Are Not Created Equal

By Wayne Perryman

January 29, 2012

Apparently our Founding Fathers believed that there was a God, and that it was He who created this world. So they wrote that: “All men are created equal.” Although their intentions in making this statement was pure and honest, the Bible which talks about the God of creation, clearly states that God only created two people (male and female Genesis 1:27), and the rest of mankind were not created, they were naturally born through the first heterosexual couple (Genesis 1:28).

Although God loves all mankind, through His process we call Nature, He clearly discriminates.

  1. Nature only allows life to be produced naturally through heterosexual relationships, so it discriminates against homosexuality.
  2. Nature chooses for each person a different finger-print, a different scent and a different DNA.
  3. Nature discriminates by giving some the ability to sing, while denying others the ability to carry a tune even if they owned a pick-up truck – evidence of this fact is often demonstrated when we see individuals attempt to sing the Stars Spangled Banner and those who try out for the American Idol television show.
  4. It was Nature who gave Dr. George Washington Carver, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates scientific abilities to discover new technology, while denying them the art, the skills and the privilege to slam dunk a basketball like Dr. “J,” Michael Jordan and/or Blake Griffin.
  5. Nature gave some ethnic groups a natural “tan,” whereas whites have to labor in the sun to obtain same.
  6. Nature gave women the gift of intuition while he made men physically stronger.
  7. Nature made some people short who wanted to be tall and others tall who wanted to be short.

So we can see that we are not all “created equally” and Natures does discriminates in a variety of areas including discrimination based on sexual orientation. Sexual orientation has little to do with nothing, other than identifying whom one chooses to have sex with – and/or who can, or cannot produce life naturally. Nature has clearly stated that producing life is only reserved for those who engage in the act of heterosexuality or those who simulate the act of heterosexuality through artificial insemination – and no piece of legislation can ever change that. Legislation is powerful, but it can never reverse what Nature intended.

Based on the facts stated, to teach our children about famous persons based on that person’s sexual orientation, would be wrong. To engage in such curriculum, would suggest that whom the individual chose to sleep with, was directly tied to or associated with the knowledge and skills that made them famous. It wasn’t the person’s sexual orientation that made the individual famous, it was their God-given natural abilities, regardless of their sexual orientation. These individuals would have achieved the same regardless of their sexual orientation. Such classes would only convey the “lie” that heterosexuals must be superior because known heterosexuals have contribute far more to our society than known homosexuals. These types of classes could not be compared with ethnic studies, because ethnic studies are not based on whom the person slept with.

What about love? We know that the most common and strongest expressions of love has nothing to do with sex or sexual orientation, nor do these expressions of love seek legal authorization or sanction, i.e.

  • Parents love children and children love their parents
  • Individuals love their pets and some will leave their pets an inheritance
  • Individuals’ love their friends and will die for them
  • Siblings’ love for each other and they too will die for one another
  • Individual’s love for their country or their faith – a love that they are willing to die to preserve or protect.

Although God through Nature clearly discriminates based on sexual orientation and skill distribution, He does provide equality. He loves us all equally, and it is He who has given us all an equal ability or capacity to love, hate, accept or reject. His love, like a parent’s natural love, proves that one can love a person, even if they do not like or rejects that person’s behavior.

What the Founding Fathers should have said – and possibly meant, is that: “ Endowed by our Creator, all mankind are given a variety of skills and abilities – that makes no man inferior.”

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