Conservatives Should Embrace The Hunger Games

By Mack Rights

I occasionally like to read the pop-culture books that are being devoured by young readers in America. I loved the Harry Potter series so much that once I’d caught up, I’d buy the new books in the first hour of availability at midnight. Then I’d find myself reading it until 4 or 5am. Sure, many Christians criticized it for turning children into godless dirt-worshipping pagan witches, but it was a science-fiction fantasy story loaded with Christian allegory and shout outs to Christian writers J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis- so much so that the author calls herself J.K. Rowling. Unlike the weak-minded who’ve been turned into witches, Harry Potter made me yearn to become a warrior willing to call out the enemy by his name rather than as “the one who must not be named,” as those in fear referred to the looming rise of evil.

I like knowing what the youth in America are being influenced by. I was later told that the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer was the next Harry Potter series. I read them, but since I’m not a girl longing for shiny metrosexual vampires who like humans so much that they only drink the blood of animals, I didn’t really enjoy it much. It was a little too slow and touchy feely, and it lacked the action and adventure of Harry Potter. Was it Christian? I guess you could say it was pro-life because they didn’t abort the half-vampire baby. But then again, you could call it pro-death because they didn’t abort half-vampire spawn in the belly of a human. And what do you call a human that sleeps with a vampire? If the vampire is dead and soulless, wouldn’t you need to call her a necrophiliac? I’m sorry Twilighters. I’m just having fun. By the way, I’ve never seen the movies because the books bored me so much.

Furthermore, being a huge fan of the Buffyverse, I didn’t find the Twilight series as satisfying. I’d hoped it would venture into some aspect of humanity that hadn’t already been explored by Ann Rice or Josh Whedon, but it just wasn’t there. The truly great vampire love triangle is between Angel, the vampire cursed with a soul, Spike, the vampire who earned a soul through repentance, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer- the chosen one to slay all vampires but with a moral core that left her unable to slay the two re-souled bloodsucking demons. If you think Josh Whedon didn’t spend his time on the vampire stage venturing into the human condition in fantastic and thoughtful ways, you’re crazy. The Buffyverse was an historic pop culture spoon-feeding of conservative lesson after conservative lesson to the unsuspecting masses. I anxiously await Whedon’s take on The Avengers this summer.

Likewise, The Hunger Games has a huge conservative Christian message. Interestingly though, it doesn’t come at you overtly. This is the story that takes place in the remains of the United States after the demonic liberals have succeeded in erasing God and Christ from the culture completely by successfully creating their own Utopia- which is really a distopian nightmare for anyone not in the liberal ruling class. The ruling class lives in Panem, a hipped-out modern capitol city. The inhabitants are all a bunch of trust-fund children of trust-fund children of trust-fund children who live meaningless lives without consequence. We know they’re all liberals because they have wild haircuts, facial tattoos and cat-whisker implants. That, and they live a life with no consequence, completely oblivious that others don’t have that luxury.

Panem (I believe is the Latin word for bread) sees itself as the bread giver to all the inhabitants of the 12 districts. Each district is filled with impoverished slave-like inhabitants who are obligated to fulfill a specific requirement for the ruling class. There’s the grain district, the coal district, power, electronics, transportation, masonry, and several other districts that help fulfill the requirements of those that run the country.

About 75 years earlier, there was a 13th district, but they revolted, forcing the capitol to destroy it and kill everyone. To commemorate this show of totalitarian power, the capitol requires a yearly “reaping” where each district draws the names of a teenaged girl and boy from a lottery. The chosen two go on to participate in the hunger games for the entertainment of those in the capitol.

They are first dressed up, paraded around in a circus-like venue and then taken to the large out-door inescapable arena wrapped in a force field. There they are unleashed simultaneously in front of a giant gold breadbasket called the “cornucopia,” which has supplies, weapons and food. But in order to get to the “gifts” from the god-like liberals running the games on behalf of the capitol, one has to risk the possibility of being killed by the rest of the competitors.

The arena is the home of these 24 children until only one is left alive. In a world where God doesn’t exist, liberals have no moral reason not to enjoy watching children kill each other in a reality show. While more severe, this is similar to the Jerry Springer Show, where liberals bring in their favorite products of government schools to show off their lack of culture so as to make the liberal ruling class feel more comfortable about their unihibited superiority complexes.

Another liberal invention of those that live in Panem is their creation of the Avox. They arrest those who speak out or violate the rules, and bring them to the capitol. The arrested then has his or her tongue removed so as to make sure that they never speak again. They live the rest of their lives as mute slave-like servants. “Avox,” I assume means “no voice.” This is what liberals are constantly trying to do with conservatives. Conservatives don’t try to take away the free speech of liberals, but liberals think free speech is only for liberals, pornographers, pedophiles and pederasts. Their constant efforts to hush Rush, Hannity, Beck, Foxnews, and all other conservative voices are made easier in this future when they can just remove your tongue. If I’m still alive when this future comes to pass, don’t be offended if I don’t answer your question- I will probably have no tongue.

And then we have our heroine. Her name is Katniss. Her little sister’s name was pulled from the lottery dish, but because Katniss holds family dear, she volunteered to put her life on the line in place of her little sister. Katniss’ father died in a mine explosion when she was younger, but before he did, he taught her to hunt. And because district 12 is far from Panem, the fence that surrounds the district isn’t electrified. Katniss and her friend Gale, a boy who had also lost his father, would slip through the fence most days, gather their weapons and hunt for game. They’d use this meat as currency to get other things that their families needed and for eating of course. Notice though, Katniss uses a bow and arrows to hunt because the liberals had already succeeded in taking the guns from the population- much as Hitler and Castro had done at the beginning of their socialist revolutions.

Nonetheless, who in the world doesn’t love a character who can use a bow with the precision of Robin Hood? The feminists are out there claiming that this is some progressive story about a strong-female character that proves that girls can shoot a bow, kill animals and catch fish just as well as men. But we conservatives who voted for Sarah Palin and that other guy already knew that. We just haven’t met a liberal girl who can do and would want to do those things. Me, I love going fishing with my wife and daughters. And when they’re old enough, I’ll be proud as all heck if I get to teach my daughters to hunt if they want to learn. Either way, there’s nothing liberal about a girl who can shoot a fly off a water buffalo’s butt with an arrow.

Bottom line, this is a story about a society where liberalism has run amok. The strong girl character had the benefit of being prepared for the trials and tribulations by her father whose disdain for the governing dictates didn’t stop him from pursuing happiness in the form of meat on the table. Your average liberal is out there organizing letter campaigns to Suzanne Collins asking her to add health warnings about the dangers of eating meat to the reprints of her books. But, it’s too late. This book is being read in schools by teenagers across the country. The glorification of conservatism over the nastiness of liberalism is being spoon-fed to children everywhere. And I say, “Awesome.” When kids are reading something they enjoy rather than something they’re ill prepared to understand because the government-school system is a failure, I repeat, “Awesome.” And when kids reading this book are learning that conservatism is nobler than liberalism, I say again, “Awesome.”

Read this book, and if you have children over 11 or 12, read it with them. As far as inappropriate sexual situations- while I’m only halfway through the trilogy- I’ve only read a few kissing scenes. But the great thing about those scenes: they only exist because Katniss knows that the only way to stay alive is to entertain the godless liberal perverts with the illusion that she’s in love with her district partner Peeta. Like the liberals of today, the liberals in this futuristic book love the sexualization of children. As for Katniss, she’s more preoccupied with something called living. There’s a lesson in this respect as well. Stay away from liberals.

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