“Why I Am A Republican” By Dr. James Taylor

Frederick Douglass once said, “Each colored voter of the State should say in Scripture phrase, ‘may my hand forget its cunning and my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth’ (Psalm 137:5-6) if ever I raise my voice or give my vote to the nominee of the Democratic Party.”

Joseph Haynes Rainey, one of the first American Black US Representatives from South Carolina said, “We intend to continue to vote so long as the government gives us the right and necessary protection; and I know that right accorded to us now will never be withheld in the future if left to the Republican Party.”

Dr. James Taylor, member of the Frederick Douglass Foundation,  received his education through Manhattan Christian College and Kansas State University and graduated in 1980. He has graduate work in Adult Education from Cincinnati Bible Seminary and Psychology from Hardin Simmons University. He earned his Doctorate in Ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary in 2003. He has been the Pastor of University Christian Church in Norman, Oklahoma since 2007.

If you would like your own DVD copy of Dr. James Taylor “A Pebble in Your Shoe: Why I Am A Republican”, contact The Frederick Douglass Foundation at info@TFDF.org

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