Have Pastors Made President Obama More Important Than God’s Word?

Dr. Melvin L. Johnson is the pastor of the Heart of Christ Community Church in Brazoria, TX. and is the author of the books Overcoming Racism Through the Gospel and From Heaven to You.
May 18th, 2012 05:08 PM ET

Gary C. Knapp, AP
In June of 2008, a group of the most prominent African American ministers, pastors and leaders endorsed then Senator Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States of America. Since then, President Obama has done practically everything in his power to undermine America’s Judeo-Christian heritage- including declaring that America is no longer a Christian nation when he gave a speech in Istanbul, Turkey.

It is now apparent that a significant number of African American clergy in particular have made President Barack Obama to be more important than the laws of God! In light of the fact that he has sought to work against the most sacred institutions ever known to man, it does not seem to faze him at all! Not even our most revered heroes of the Bible—from Adam to Jesus’ disciples—were spared the righteous judgment of Almighty God whenever they chose to cast aside God’s word, whether it was personal infidelity or public worship of false deities. Frankly, some of the same evil manifestations of ancient times have become prevalent today, such as child sacrifice (abortion), sexual promiscuity, and homosexuality. Remember, many times these and other abominable acts and practices with the sometimes silent approval of the religious leaders! So a question for us today is: it ever justifiable to count as nothing our Biblical principles even though the source or provider is giving what is desired or needed? This is the essence of what the pastors have done!

In the summer of 2008, a group of America’s most powerful and influential African American ministers encircled who they saw to be the next president of the United States and prayed for his success. It was at the annual Hampton Minister’s Conference and just before the presidential election. Then Senator Barack Hussein Obama was the candidate of their choice. Obviously, his charismatic charm and resonant eloquence had won them over—having laid aside any notion of spiritual discernment or serious catechism from the presbytery. The lure of electing the first black president was at the time, more important than anything else—including the laying the hands upon someone so suddenly!

The prominent leadership that has wrapped itself around President Obama (as well as any person other than Jesus) has also fallen short, first in their duty to exercise sound spiritual discernment in what the then senator, now president actually represented. Had they known that when he was going to vow to defend Islam in Cairo, Egypt and declare that America was no longer a Christian nation in Istanbul, Turkey? As representatives of the kingdom of God, they quickly fell prey to the notion that race was more important than righteousness, and forsook their devotions to Christ in preference for a person who presented no actual allegiance to God, the Holy Bible nor Christianity itself!

Then there has been no evidence of wise counsel! For the past four years, where have they been? President Obama has unleashed an entire army of minions that have waged spiritual warfare against the citizens of this nation! There has been the Veteran’s National Cemetery in Houston, TX, where then cemetery director Arlene Ocasio sought to even ban prayer and the use of the name “Jesus!” Former White House communications director Anita Dunn expressed her praise and deep devotion to former Chinese communist dictator Mao Zedong. No one questioned President Obama’s placement of radical revolutionary Van Jones, a self-professed communist, in a position of authority and influence within our government? Have they been concerned, or has President Obama’s agenda of “Change” been acceptable to them?

Today, this anointed leader of the free world has caused even some of these pastors to reel at how his most recent act of Biblical defiance—not just to their most universal position in opposing homosexual marriages—but his total disregard for six thousand years of human history and the pending judgment of God upon a blatantly sinful nation! However, there is an ominous sign the looms within this upper echelon of liturgical leaders, and part of that is the ability subordinate sound Biblical tradition and doctrine to racial, political and social agendas!

Although they may be reeling at President Obama’s endorsement of homosexual marriages, many still faithfully cling to him as the one they believe is the one God has chosen to lead this nation—no matter what he says or does. Another group has voiced their opposition, but still support him because he fulfills their world view. However, another group of ministers have finally realized that Obama as president does not reflect our Judeo-Christian heritage, with the last straw being his call for acceptance of homosexual marriages. For those who follow blindly or even partially, is he their messiah? It seems that they operating more faith in him than seeking to appropriately respond to what God had declared to be an abomination!

At this point, President Barack Obama has apparently become more important than the word of God itself, and it has become no stretch of one’s imagination to wonder as to whether the spiritual leaders of the African American churches are part of the problem instead of bringers of the solutions that plague the black communities from coast-to-coast! In other words, they have made President Obama more important than God’s word! We know as ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34), but these leaders appear to be saying that President Obama may be wrong on this issue, but he is right on the others. Have they forgotten about the Apostle Paul’s chastisement of the church leadership at the Corinthian church concerning how they were reluctantly addressing a matter of sinful behavior? He told them that “Your boasting is not good. Don’t you know that a little yeastleavens the whole batch of dough? (1 Corinthians 5:6)?” Is there anything that President Obama could do to upset them?

In addition, not only is he wrong on the issue of same sex marriages, he is also wrong on the issue of abortion, which is the abomination of child sacrifice. President Obama has stated his belief that there other ways to heaven besides Jesus Christ, declaring that America is no longer a Christian nation (Istanbul, Turkey), vowing to use the power of his office to defend Islam (Cairo, Egypt), and dutifully seeking to convert our economic system and cultural morays into a socialistic utopian society—to name a few!

Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant expressed his displeasure with President Obama’s support for homosexual marriages, but still supports him because of other issues he favors.

A recent opinion piece by the Rev. Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant opens a window into the mind and thought processes of most of these spiritual titans. “I remember in 2008 when then-senator Obama came to our general conference, the day after we unanimously passed legislation against same-sex marriages. The Bishops of the church took him in private quarters and surrounded him, covering him in prayer.” This strongly suggests that the then President-to-be was not properly vetted or scrutinized by the most elect of God—especially concerning the spiritual matters they should have been primarily concerned with! Perhaps they have forgotten Proverbs 29:2 that observes, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”

Rev. Bryant added, “The African American community has beamed with tremendous pride at the work of the first Black President, Barack Obama, in his first term: Bringing the troops home; creating jobs.; doubling the amount of Pell Grants available for college students; saving the automotive industry; appointing a record number of women & Latinos to strategic positions; stopping Osama Bin Laden; standing up for Trayvon Martin; acknowledging the Occupy Movement; addressing predatory lending; passing historic health care reform… amongst so many other accomplishments.”

The vast majority of these issues mentioned by Rev. Bryant reflect a predominantly materialistic world view, basically void of any spiritual insight or connection—an indication that points to things other than what deeply-spiritual Christ-loving shepherds should be touting. The things not based upon race-cultism are then either Marxist or plain subversive! There is nothing mentioned that directly promotes the advancement of the kingdom of God. In spite of the African American community’s deteriorating business infrastructures, abnormally high crime and incarceration rates, 75% illegitimate birth rates, low-performance academic achievement rates and so forth, the ministers passionately cling to the hand of government, hoping that it, through President Obama, would do that which only God can!

Spiritual leaders are called for and expected to bring people into the knowledge and wisdom of God, as Jesus himself advised in Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” The matter of homosexual marriage does not stand in God’s righteousness. Neither does abortion! We (and the pastoral leadership) know that these are two behaviors and acts that God has declared to be abominations.

What good is a culture, society or a nation if it is morally and spiritually corrupt? What good are the leaders who redefine what is good and what is evil? Morality is God’s, not ours. Even in times of prosperity, pastors have a duty to remind the people to Whom they should give thanks. Many of the things Rev. Bryant identified as being justification for his continued support of President Obama is shared by a vast majority of pastors, preachers and spiritual leaders, in spite of factual evidence that a significant number of them come from anti-Christian forces. We see deeply-rooted interests that are of the Marxist-socialist influences that have infiltrated the African American churches in general.

So as President Obama seeks to consolidate federal power and force all of America’s citizenry to become increasingly dependent upon him and the government bureaucracy, where do these prominent ministers stand? As Elijah once asked Baal-worshipping Israel in 1 Kings 18:21, “How long halt ye between two opinions…,” the questions goes to the Obama-worshipping clergy today:

At what point will you tell President Obama that “enough is enough?

In spite of the pastors’ positions, it will apparently require the uprising of those in the pews to bring them back into the right path.

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