Al Sharpton alleges GOP like Hitler, ready to exterminate blacks

Loose cannon Sharpton plays with fire, claims GOP sees blacks like Hitler saw Jews.

Spokane Conservative Examiner

On Thursday, MSNBC’s Al Sharpton took the race card to a whole new level by falsely claiming Republicans are like Hitler, and are prepared to kill African-Americans en masse.

“It seems like they [Republicans] act as though, some wiping out of people, some of the right-wing, is all right, it’s not all right to do to any innocent people. If you had war and people that’s one thing, but to wipe out innocent people just because of who they are like what was done in Hitler’s Germany or what was done to Native Americans is not justifiable,” he said.

“You know but Rev, I think and what is similar to Hitler’s Germany is that Hitler did not believe those people to be human,” New York Amsterdam News publisher Elinor Tatum said in response.

After Sharpton agreed, Tatum continued: “They believed them to be subhuman and that’s I think the same thing we think people are thinking here is that you know why would they even care about them because they’re not human. And that’s how we’re [Blacks] being looked at and that’s what the scariest part of this whole thing is.”

“It’s time to take away the Reverend Al Sharpton’s matches,” Brian Maloney wrote at the Radio Equalizer.

“In recent days,” Maloney added, “the infamous racial arsonist has been cranking up the incendiary language, with potentially deadly results. Is the reverend’s body count insufficiently high?”

In March, for example, Sharpton called for more civil unrest if George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, was not arrested.

Maloney continued:

Sharpton now benefits greatly from a nationally syndicated radio program and nightly MSNBC cable talk show, tools he didn’t have in the early days. That makes verbal Molotov Cocktail production a lot easier.

As usual, Sharpton and his guest provided absolutely no evidence for their outrageously false claims.

“If Sharpton wants to talk about black genocide, he need look no further than Planned Parenthood,” a commenter at Newsbusters noted, citing statistics showing that the ratio of black babies killed by abortion to blacks killed by lynching between 1864 and 1968 is roughly 3,569 to 1.

Maloney went on to accuse Sharpton of “using the airwaves to incite violence,” and asked readers to consider “what white liberals have done to black people.”

“The de facto elimination of San Francisco’s African-American population over the last 40 years is but one example, as is Marin County’s transparent opposition to low-income housing development. We could happily find many more if they are interested, but won’t hold our breath,” he concluded.

It’s enough to make one wonder if liberals really want a second civil war in America.

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