Al Sharpton falsely claims Democrats stood for Civil Rights Act of 1964

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It seems MSNBC’s Al Sharpton needs to take remedial history classes.

According to Sharpton, Democrats “stood up for the Civil Rights Act of ’64 and Voting Rights Act of ’65.”

But history shows that is not what happened at all.

Not only did both pieces of legislation have more Republican support than Democrat, Democrats, including Senator Robert K Byrd filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  The Act was also opposed by Al Gore, Sr. – the father of the future Vice President and global warming alarmist.

Only 61 percent of Democrats supported that bill, versus 80 percent of Republicans.

Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters explained:

The same is true for the Voting Rights Act of 1965 when 94 percent of Senate Republicans voted in favor of the bill versus 73 percent of Democrats. The final vote on the House’s version was even more stark as only one Senate Republican voted against it compared to seventeen Democrats.

In the House, 82 percent of Republicans supported the bill versus 78 percent of Democrats.

No matter how you slice it, both of these landmark pieces of civil rights legislation had greater support from Republicans than Democrats.

Sharpton made his comments Friday, while taking GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain to task for saying blacks have been brainwashed into voting for Democrats.
As Sheppard points out, Sharpton then proceed to prove Cain’s point by spewing leftist propaganda.

“What he (Cain) does not have the right is to rewrite history by saying that blacks were brainwashed by becoming Democrats, because when blacks became Democrats, my parents were Republicans. As I said, Dr. King’s family was. I’m nine or ten years younger than Mr. Cain, and I joined the movement later on in the ’60s when I was still a teenager,” Sharpton said.

He then went on to rewrite history, according to a transcript posted by Sheppard:

I don’t begrudge him for not making my choice, but I do begrudge him for acting like we’re brainwashed because we went with a Party that stood up for the Civil Rights Act of ’64 and Voting Rights Act of ’65. There’s a reason blacks did not stay with the Republican Party. So I think when he stepped in to calling people brainwashed and totally discarded the fact that it was based on public policy that people made their political choices, and, in fact, changed their choices from the Party of Lincoln.

Not only did Democrats oppose those pieces of legislation, history teaches the KKK was founded by the Democratic Party after the civil war, and a vast majority of them voted against a measure ending slavery in 1862.

Democrats also opposed the 13th Amendment banning slavery and the 14th Amendment guaranteeing citizenship and equal rights.

Lincoln’s successor, Andrew Johnson – a Democrat – vetoed a measure giving blacks the right to vote in 1867.  Republicans overrode Johnson’s veto.

A post at Black and Right has more:

October 7, 1868
Republicans denounce Democratic Party’s national campaign theme: “This is a white man’s country: Let white men rule”

October 22, 1868
While campaigning for re-election, Republican U.S. Rep. James Hinds (R-AR) is assassinated by Democrat terrorists who organized as the Ku Klux Klan

December 10, 1869
Republican Gov. John Campbell of Wyoming Territory signs FIRST-in-nation law granting women right to vote and to hold public office

February 3, 1870
After passing House with 98% Republican support and 97% Democrat opposition, Republicans’ 15th Amendment is ratified, granting vote to all Americans regardless of race

May 31, 1870
President U.S. Grant signs Republicans’ Enforcement Act, providing stiff penalties for depriving any American’s civil rights

June 22, 1870
Republican Congress creates U.S. Department of Justice, to safeguard the civil rights of African-Americans against Democrats in the South

September 6, 1870
Women vote in Wyoming, in FIRST election after women’s suffrage signed into law by Republican Gov. John Campbell

February 28, 1871
Republican Congress passes Enforcement Act providing federal protection for African-American voters

April 20, 1871
Republican Congress enacts the Ku Klux Klan Act, outlawing Democratic Party-affiliated terrorist groups which oppressed African-Americans

Need more?  Here it is:

October 10, 1871
Following warnings by Philadelphia Democrats against black voting, African-American Republican civil rights activist Octavius Catto murdered by Democratic Party operative; his military funeral was attended by thousands

October 18, 1871
After violence against Republicans in South Carolina, President Ulysses Grant deploys U.S. troops to combat Democrat terrorists who formed the Ku Klux Klan

November 18, 1872
Susan B. Anthony arrested for voting, after boasting to Elizabeth Cady Stanton that she voted for “the Republican ticket, straight”

January 17, 1874
Armed Democrats seize Texas state government, ending Republican efforts to racially integrate government

September 14, 1874
Democrat white supremacists seize Louisiana statehouse in attempt to overthrow racially-integrated administration of Republican Governor William Kellogg; 27 killed

March 1, 1875
Civil Rights Act of 1875, guaranteeing access to public accommodations without regard to race, signed by Republican President U.S. Grant; passed with 92% Republican support over 100% Democrat opposition

January 10, 1878
U.S. Senator Aaron Sargent (R-CA) introduces Susan B. Anthony amendment for women’s suffrage; Democrat-controlled Senate defeated it 4 times before election of Republican House and Senate guaranteed its approval in 1919. Republicans foil Democratic efforts to keep women in the kitchen, where they belong

February 8, 1894
Democrat Congress and Democrat President Grover Cleveland join to repeal Republicans’ Enforcement Act, which had enabled African-Americans to vote

January 15, 1901
Republican Booker T. Washington protests Alabama Democratic Party’s refusal to permit voting by African-Americans

And so it goes, to the present day.  Black and Right adds:

So the next time any Democrat claims they’ve been supportive of civil rights in America (and been so all along), ask them to explain their past. “We’ve grown” is not gonna cut it, considering they continue to lie about their past to this day, and only someone lacking in common sense would believe two distinct political parties could juxtaposition their stances on civil rights seemingly overnight.

Sheppard concludes:

Yet Sharpton has the nerve to say, “We went with a Party that stood up for the Civil Rights Act of ’64 and Voting Rights Act of ’65.”

That Party would be the GOP, Reverend. Who’s brainwashed and/or rewriting history now?

Al Sharpton, of course, is entitled to his opinion.  He is not entitled, however, to rewrite history in order to advance his propaganda.


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Al Sharpton falsely claims Democrats stood for Civil Rights Act of 1964
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