I’m Not Black!

Strap on your seat belts for the following announcement:

 I’m not “Black.”

Obviously we’re not talking color but are discussing content,

I, like others, am not “Black” in the socialist sense. Their definition means being an eternal grievance class t convicting every White person of complicity in racism.
Alot of these Black folks smile in Whites faces and hate them to the depths of their tortured souls. I grew up in a very racist town and could have simply chosen to reflect it equal oppoerunity hatred.
As an healthy individualist I couldn’t do that. Taking people on a case-by-case basis and not lumping them into negative groups has served me well to date.
Despite how Dr King is trumpeted, sun tanned socialists who hijacked his standard ( correctly ) decree healthy individualism as far to the political right of them.
That’s the best place to be!
I can’t tolerate 1960s retreads; young chocolate Klansmen and anything-goes liberalism at close range! Their “Blackness” is more a product of East European White supremacy than authentic African captive or American Black culture.
While they hate American Whites and dead Western patriarchs they paradoxically revere deceased White radicals like Marx; Lenin and company whose ideas still poison to this day.
Black self-haters d-mn America while blessing ghettos and liberal manipulators contributing more misery justified by more accusations against American Whites.
This self-hatred gave us a president who has little in common with American Blacks. His worldview as an African socialist nurtured at home and abroad sees American Blacks as political commodities- not kinsmen.
A truly self-loving, patriotic American Black electorate would have rejected him- or at least offered far less than 96% support.
I’m not calling his Black base traitors. They simply see themselves as the isolated popular liberation front  socialist overseers wish and thus cannot recognize Obama nor liberalism as their opponent.
The ‘Black” they’ve been forced fed by socialists disguised as post-King civil rights leaders; educators; politicians and worst of all, clergy, spells this acronym:
“Bitterness and Liberalism-Allied to Crush Kindness!”
This kind of “Black” person kills without blinking.
This kind of “Black” person hates America so much he calls himself anything but American. Call him one and see how fast he acts like a vampire doused by holy water! ( LOL )
This kind of “Black” person is so hostile toward traditional values that he would rather drown in the filth he’s created than admit any error.
No, I’m not “Black”- not like that.
“Black” means another acronym to me:
“Brotherhood-Loyalty-Ability-Courage-Kindness” Five color blind principles anyone can use.
 I’m an American- not an outcast.
The socialist definition of “Blackness” is beneath me.
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