The 13th Amendment Freedom Week Movement

The 13th Amendment Freedom Week Movement is a grassroots movement founded to recognize and celebrate freedom in America.  It is for all those who love freedom and want to perfect it.  It is even for those who may feel that they are not yet free.  It will give them hope and a proven philosophy that will help them fulfill the yearning in their souls for freedom. The movement is inclusive, not exclusive. It can benefit all Americans regardless of race, religion, or political persuasion.  The 13th Amendment Freedom Week Movement is not a racist movement and does not promote racism.  It is scriptural friendly and acknowledges our Creator as the Supreme source of all good, including freedom.  Even though individual participants and members may profess a particular political preference, the “13th Amendment Freedom Week Movement” itself is non-political.  All freedom loving people are welcome, even encouraged, to get involved.   The 13th Amendment Freedom Week celebration is an annual celebration that takes place during the week of December 6th each year.  December 6, 1865 is when the 13th Amendment was ratified and is the very best time to celebrate freedom in America.  It is the first time that all law abiding Americans were free.  Many countries celebrate Independence Day, but few if any celebrate Freedom Day or Freedom Week.  The 13th Amendment Freedom Week Movement is truly an historic event.  The ideals of Independence have borders, but the ideals of freedom are bigger.  Freedom has no borders; it is universal.  This movement has the possibility to become a worldwide movement, adaptive to every country and every clime.

Here in America, we celebrate Independence Day on July 4th each year to commemorate that success.  However, (national) independence and (individual) freedom is not always the same thing.  Independence is one thing but freedom is another.  Hopefully, people will have both, but some societies may just have one or neither.  There are many nations that have won, or been given their independence from or by a foreign domination, but the people still did not gain their individual freedom.

Freedom is essential, God given, and very very serious.  Freedom does not mean being free to destroy life, liberty, and property unjustly.  It does not mean to practice fraud and coercion on people.  For those who indulge in such behavior, government does have the right to use force when necessary to detain or destroy the guilty parties. Unfortunately a lot of people fail to understand that if they destroy another’s life, liberty or right to property, then they may lose their own life, liberty/freedom or right to property.  Justice is blind!

The 13th Amendment Freedom Week Movement is for independent and objective thinkers, and those who are truth seekers.  It is not for those who want to hide the truth from or control the minds of others, virtually making them dependents.  It is guaranteed to make one rethink the historical struggles of all Americans for freedom, justice and equal opportunity, as well as stimulate constructive debate concerning many issues, past and present.  The emphasis is on freedom, not slavery.  It brings to the forefront the three Amendments to the United States Constitution that were specifically incorporated with black Americans in mind.  These amendments are the 13th, 14th, and 15th.  They gave black Americans freedom, citizenship and the right to vote, respectfully. White Americans did not need these Amendments simply because Whites (men) were already free, citizens and able to vote.  But at the same time they were put into the Constitution by white men for black Americans.  Both races should be able to appreciate ad take part in this great and noble celebration.  This movement is designed to heal racial conflict in America, not divide America.

This is an appeal for all those who love freedom to get involved with the 13th Amendment Freedom Week Movement.  Together we can change the world!

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