THE OTHER RUSH: Is black America lost?

Exclusive: Erik Rush charges Obama et al. with ‘lobotomizing’ African-Americans

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Erik Rush is a columnist and author of sociopolitical fare. His latest book is “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession.” In 2007, he was the first to give national attention to the story of Sen. Barack Obama’s ties to militant Chicago preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright, initiating a media feeding frenzy. Erik has appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity and Colmes,” CNN, and is a veteran of numerous radio appearances.More ↓Less ↑

Once upon a time in America’s black communities, distinctions were indeed made between a “black man” and a “nigger.” Any black person who denies this is either very young, or they’re lying in an attempt to validate the current liberal racial orthodoxy.

It probably isn’t of much use to belabor the fact that not only is Barack Hussein Obama not the post-racial president people hoped and claimed he would be (whatever that is), but that he and his political ilk have created a more racially divided and racially tense atmosphere than we have seen since before the Civil Rights Movement.

What saddens and concerns is not only the potential for confrontation, violence and civil unrest, but the lost potential in wholesome, positive relationships between people. What angers, and which I find criminal in nature, is the absolutely unexpurgated brainwashing liberal-socialists have wrought upon black Americans and the human toll it continues to take.

In the main, black Americans appear to have no idea that this has taken place.

We are currently receiving a pointed object lesson in this phenomenon as regards the position of so-called black leaders and their misadventurous constituencies on gun control. Following the elementary school massacre in Newtown, Conn., on Dec. 14, America’s Stepin Fetchit black leaders immediately chimed in with the Obama administration, the press and the anti-gun lobby in their calls for comprehensive “gun-control reform.”

What I’d like to talk about for a moment is the abject inconsistency and hypocrisy on the part of blacks regarding the gun-control issue at present. Since so many Americans appear to be sufficiently thick in this area, it bears repeating that doing away with guns is simply an impossibility. This being the case, how are law-abiding blacks in the violent urban jungles created by liberal policies supposed to otherwise defend themselves?

Then, it’s more than an even bet that any new firearms laws would carry with them stiffer penalties for the possession or use of semiautomatic pistols and rifles. Since so many of these find their way into the hands of inner-city gang members (read young black men), I imagine that we would see a lot more of these individuals receiving more and stiffer sentences for their gun-related crimes.

If this sort of “reform” was being proposed by a Republican, or even a white Democrat, the black community would be having kittens right about now – but since Saint Barry Obama is doing so, lobotomized black legions fall into unthinking acceptance. What’s ironic here is that Obama has as little knowledge of and identification with the experience of black Americans.

In the meantime, everything black politicians, activists and celebrities can relate to some form of ginned-up racism, they are more than willing to do. Last week, as reported by Fox News, Imara Jones (a former economic policy adviser to the president) claimed that Obama was failing to use the ongoing “fiscal cliff” negotiations to somehow attenuate racial injustice. In some of the most incoherent and non sequitur ramblings I have heard, Jones concluded that “our current tax code is a work of white supremacy.”

The problem with such creatures is that people, both black and otherwise, actually lend credence to their racist blather. The result? While blacks are indeed being exploited, they continue to swing wildly at phantom racists, while their real enemies are in their own ranks, or ostensible benefactors.

The bottom line is that the worldview and self-image of blacks, as well as the perception of them by others, has been wholly crafted by liberal activists, politicians, the press and – most importantly – the entertainment media. Liberals have transformed niggers into “black men,” and black men into “Uncle Toms.” Just look at the caliber of black individuals who are consistently presented as mainstream by the purveyors of popular culture: If a black person does not outwardly appear to be a gangsta rapper or the girlfriend of one, they are speaking like them or validating racial antisocialism in some other manner.

A case in point is our so-called president, who conducted an on-air interview with Miami WRMA-FM’s DJ Laz Airs (aka “Pimp with the Limp”) on Sept. 11, in a shameless bid to ingratiate himself to dull-normal voters. Obama has gone out of his way to openly associate with the lowest common denominator within the black community, not because he identifies with them, but because these are a large part of his political base – one he is growing as the cultural common denominator in the black community (and everywhere else) drops.

Obama is certainly aware that perhaps a majority of self-respecting black people would normally avoid association with the rappers, pop tarts and pimps with limps with whom he fraternizes. So who better to legitimize them – and shepherd black Americans through the gates of hell – than someone of high station who at least passes for a black American?

The saddest and unkindest cut of all is that liberal leaders have now effectively “validated” the belief so long held by bigots of old: that blacks are essentially simple-minded, base-natured animals who, if kept warm, well-fed and well-sexed, will put up with absolutely anything.

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