If You Thought Bush Was Bad Look At Obama’s Impressive Track Record

bush obamaDuring the 2008 Elections, they bashed Bush and said they did not four more years of the same.  But look what they got instead:

1.  A President that supported and funded Abortions and today an abortion doctor who received government and Plan Parenthood funds was convicted of murdering live babies – he made millions aborting black babies in the inner-city.

2.  A President that shipped a multitude of guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel and one of the weapons was used to kill a border control officer

3.  A President that refused to give Ambassador Stevens the added Security that he requested and as a result he was killed and then the President went on the View, 60 Minutes, and to the United Nations and blamed the “demonstration” on a film.

4.  A President that evolved and supported Same Sex Marriage and then told the United States Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional the Defense of Marriage Act.

5.  A President whose Internal Revenue Service targeted conservative groups like the Tea Party and others that disagreed with his policies

6.  A President whose Justice Department secretly obtain phone records from the Associated Press.

7.  A President that pushed for a Health Care Bill that could bankrupt America and still leave several million without insurance.

8.  A President that ignore Russia’s intelligence and consequently several people lost their limbs in a bombing and an 8 year old boy lost his life all resulting from a preventable Muslim terrorist attack.

9.  A President who called a Muslim related terrorist attack on a United States military base (Ft. Hood) “workplace violence” rather than a terrorist attack

10.  A President who opposed the war but used “Drones’ that killed innocent civilians

11.  A President that ignored Chicago’s record murder rate during his entire administration, but claimed that he opposes gun violence

12.  A President that has consistently ignored the deplorable conditions in the black community – from home foreclosure to high unemployment and still refuses to recognize these conditions

And you thought Bush was bad?

Rev. Wayne Perryman

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