Speaker Boehner Previews Frederick Douglass Statue Dedication Ceremony

Posted by Don   Seymour, Michael   Ricci, & Bryant   Avondoglio | June 13, 2013 | Permalink

For a sneak preview of next week’s ceremony honoring   Frederick Douglass at the U.S. Capitol, watch Speaker Boehner’s new video and   visit our new website at speaker.gov/frederickdouglass.   The ceremony will take place next Wednesday, June 19, at 11 AM ET, and will   be streamed   live online.

Speaker   Boehner’s preview video was recorded in Emancipation Hall of the Capitol   Visitors Center, right where the statue of Frederick Douglass will be placed.   The statue is a gift from the District of Columbia, and will join “the   presidents, authors, and innovators who line the walls of the Capitol,” says   Boehner. “It’s a   fitting tribute to one of the greatest Americans and voices for freedom who   ever lived.”

Our   website has information about Douglass, his life, and friendship with   President Abraham Lincoln; and information on the ceremony and the statue   itself. The site also boasts a responsive design, so it should scale and   resize smartly to whatever device you’re on (desktop, mobile phone, tablet,   anything).

Visit speaker.gov/frederickdouglass   to learn more and tune in next Wednesday at 11 AM ET.

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