The Frederick Douglass Foundation Applauds SCOTUS Voting Rights Act Ruling

WASHINGTON, DC. The Drama Queens in the Democrat Party would have you believe that the right to vote for black people has just been rescinded.  While this is not the case, these same voices of absurdity are trying to give illegal aliens the right to vote so that they can dilute the influence of black voices in government.

Nonetheless, this ruling is nothing more than recognition of the success of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which was passed by a majority of Republicans over the wishes of the Jim Crow Democrat Party.  Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, the only part that was struck down, required that certain southern states and some selected voting districts in other states get federal approval for any changes in election laws and regulations.  The purpose was to protect the rights of blacks to register to vote and to then actually vote.

At the time, in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Virginia, while whites were registered to vote at 61.1% to 80.5%, only 6.7% to 38.3% of the blacks in those states were registered.  By 2004, while the percentage of registered white voters remained in a similar range, the registration percentages for blacks ranged from 57.4% to 76.1%.  More than 70% of blacks were registered in four out of the six states.  In our most recent election, black turnout was actually higher than white turnout in five of the six states.

In other words, progress is evident.  The Voting Rights Act has served its purpose.  But instead of celebrating the fact that certain efforts toward racial equality have been successful, liberal Democrats have condemned the ruling.  Of course it’s easy to see why.  The Democrat Party relies on conjuring up racial hatred and channeling it at the Republican Party in order to keep the black population slavishly voting for them 95% of the time, even though the Democrats are the party of slavery, segregation, the KKK, and the black genocide through abortion.

Interestingly, this ruling may benefit the Democrat Party more than Republican voters.  Presently, because the Republican Party allied itself with the NAACP, black voters are already heavily gerrymandered into safe Congressional Districts where elections are rarely contested in earnest.

Without federal oversight, drawing up Congressional Districts in the future will hopefully be less racially motivated.  While it might at first benefit the Democrats, in the long run, it will be beneficial for all of America.  If more blacks are allowed into Congressional Districts that aren’t racially gerrymandered, they may actually be exposed to two political messages and actually have two political parties vying for their votes.  As is now, the Democrats take their votes for granted, and the Republicans refuse to even compete for them.

So we applaud a good Supreme Court Decision that serves as a mark of racial progress.

On the other hand though, The Frederick Douglass Foundation would like to send an extra special condemnation to Minnesota State Representative Ryan Winkler.  On the day of the ruling, he tweeted this about the majority of the Supreme Court Justices on the ruling: “VRA majority is four accomplices to race discrimination and one Uncle Thomas.  Marriage decision may blur Court’s backsliding.”

Rep. Ryan Winkler might get some laughs out of his country club buddies on the other side of the gate that keeps out the riff raff, but here’s a little history about the term “Uncle Tom.”  When you use it, Rep. Winkler, with the intent behind your supposed Twitter cleverness, it’s like you called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a “nigger” for being a black conservative.  Furthermore, it was as if you thought it was all right to do so simply because Clarence Thomas doesn’t feel obligated to step and fetch for the Democrat Party that runs the government plantation.

And just because you and many of your Democrat Party conspirers feel comfortable calling conservative blacks “Uncle Toms,” simply because they wouldn’t be willing to dress up like slaves to work as servers at Obama’s rich campaigner Paula Deen’s wedding catering gig, doesn’t mean you should.  The intent of this racial epithet is appalling.  The idea that a man’s race determines his ideology is one of the excuses Hitler used as he sought to kill all of the Jews in Europe.

Furthermore, you don’t even know about Uncle Tom.  Uncle Tom was a devout Christian slave who refused to whip another slave after he helped her fill her sack on a day that she was sick.  Sambo, a black slave overseer, who had traded plantation comfort for the power of being a plantation foreman, ordered Uncle Tom to whip her.  He refused to do the slave master’s bidding as ordered by another slave.  He was ultimately whipped to death for refusing the order.  When one understands the actual story of Uncle Tom, being called an Uncle Tom is actually a compliment.

Ironically, Rep. Ryan Winkler was right in calling Clarence Thomas an Uncle Thomas rather than a Sambo, but his implication that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a useless Negro who doesn’t know his place is implicit in Winkler’s negative intent behind his tweet.  And by calling Supreme Court Justice Thomas a “nigger” in code, Winkler, on behalf of his Democrat Party, was actually calling all conservative blacks “niggers” for not wanting to have anything to do with the government plantation.   The bottom line, even though the term is often used incorrectly, “Uncle Tom” is the politically correct code word for “nigger” reserved for black conservatives.  Speaking in code suggests cowardice.  You might think we have no idea what you mean because we’re all a dumb bunch of black conservatives, but we know exactly what you mean.

Regardless, this ruling is a reason to celebrate the progress of the black man in America.  Sadly though, when confronted with that progress, the hidden racism of the ruling-class Democrats is bound to come out.  I just hope this state representative brushes up on his history and gets his inner racist under control.

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