The Lesson Learned from The Zimmerman Trial: “All Life is PRECIOUS”

young-Black-men1By Timothy F. Johnson, Ph.D.

On behalf of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, I  would like Americans to take a moment to examine a few things that are too easily being overlooked when it comes to the public’s response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman’s tragic killing of Trayvon Martin.

The tragic death of Trayvon Martin is being portrayed by the media, the race hucksters and the Obama administration as a racial incident and a hate crime.  After a thorough FBI investigation however, the FBI found no history of racial animosity on the part of George Zimmerman.  This is really a case of class conflict and how those in different classes approach confrontation.

Those who want this to be about race are the same people that encourage blacks in America to get on the system where those who run the system give them just enough to be comfortable but not enough to be happy.  Then they tell them that they are a part of the “oppressed class” and that many of them are in this class because of their race.  Those whom they consider to be in the “oppressor class” aren’t on the government plantation because they work hard and understand that government benefits come with strings attached.

Membership in either of these classes is not at all determined by race, although those who run the government plantation would have you believe otherwise simply because they get paid very well to run the government system.  The bigger it is, the more money they make.  Membership is really just a state of mind.  Am I entitled to what I have?  Or am I willing to work for what I get?  Many, many people have lifted themselves out of the “oppressed class” and into a more comfortable life in the middle class.  But the sin of pride keeps way too many down.

That’s what the tragic death of Trayvon Martin is all about.  While race doesn’t determine class, class often determines one’s method of confrontation.  What separates people in classes often comes down to what one has to lose if he messes up in life.  Someone who’s worked hard to have a home, a bank account, a retirement account and a family keeps those aspects of the American Dream in mind when it comes to being willing to take part in a confrontation or to being willing to walk away.  Those with nothing to lose have their pride, and, too often, they’re not willing to lose that.  That and their freedom is all they have to lose, and “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

And that’s what we had in Sanford, Florida.  Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch captain in a gated community.  People work hard to live in gated communities so that they can avoid the confrontations that might happen with those who’d try to take their stuff and harm their family.  Trayvon Martin looked a bit out of place in the eyes someone on neighborhood watch, and a confrontation ended very badly.  Trayvon Martin didn’t appear out of place because of his race though.  He just exhibited odd behaviors while hiding his head under a hoodie.

The truth of the matter remains, there are certain ways of dressing and/or decorating one’s body that put those who have something to lose on guard.  Wearing a hoodie is one of those things.  Putting a tattoo on your face or your neck pretty much prevents you from getting a job as a bank teller.  No bank manager on the planet should be expected to consider you truly trustworthy as the face of the bank that needs to give comfort to those who might deposit money at that bank.  Whether that’s fair or not, it’s the way it is.  The same goes with nose rings, eye rings, lip rings and any other kind of facial shrapnel.  And let’s not pretend wearing baggy pants hung on one’s thighs is the appropriate dress of someone in search of sincere respect.  Hand-me-down jeans and an unwillingness to buy a belt to hold them up, along with the other things I just mentioned above are, to be downright honest, simply the markings of those who seek the same victimhood status as those in the contrived “oppressed class.”

And these are things we should keep in mind when we’re confronted with the option of fight or flight.  A humble man avoids the confrontation, as the Bible instructs us to, but a man with too much pride too often wants to fight.

We ask that those committing crimes on a daily basis in the name of “Justice for Trayvon” consider this.  What motivates you to think that you’re entitled to take something from someone else, to harm them physically or to destroy their stuff?  Are you truly entitled to that because of your unwillingness to change the attitude that keeps you in the “oppressed class,” or is it something more sinful like pride?

If it’s that your distraught because a 17-year-old boy was killed, how does rioting give that boy justice?  I sympathize with your sorrow over the loss of that life, but where were you when over a dozen blacks were gunned down over the 4th of July weekend in Chicago?

While the Zimmerman trial was going on, four children were gunned down in Chicago.  Why aren’t people rioting over these horrendous violent acts?

What about abortion?  Nearly 40% of all pregnancies of black women end with a dead baby at the blood-soaked hand of an abortionist.  Since 1973, over 15,000,000 black babies have died at the hands of abortionists.  While blacks make up 13% of the American population, they make up nearly 40% of all dead babies in the abortion mills.  Why aren’t you rioting on behalf of all your dead brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles?  Is it because the Democrat party gets a portion of the profits from every baby the abortionists kill?

We at the Frederick Douglass Foundation would like folks to calm their prides and avoid confrontation when possible.  Why?- Because “All Life is Precious.”  Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and those that run the liberal media and the Democrat Party profiteer from whipping people up into a racial tizzy, but, we as a black people, have an obligation to be above that.

Racism isn’t responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death.  This was unfortunate conflict between two men who perceive life a little differently due to their different places in society.  More understanding and less class- and race-based animosity will lead to less conflict and fewer confrontations.

There’s nothing wrong with sorrow for this young man’s early and tragic passing.  But the outrage is way too selective.  Racial animosity is purposely being created by those who benefit financially from keeping as many people in the “oppressed class” as they can.  Respect isn’t an entitlement.  It’s earned.  Likewise, “All Life is Precious.”

We should be wearing hoodies for all the babies killed in the abortion clinics.  Nearly 1,200 black babies are killed every day in America’s abortion clinics.  More blacks die every three days in abortion clinics than were lynched by the KKK in 86 years.  We should be wearing hoodies for the high incarceration rate among Black men. We should be wearing hoodies for the high dropout rate among Black high school students across the country!  We should be wearing hoodies for the high unemployment of Black youth,

Where are the voices for the voiceless, the unborn children and for those innocent individuals who have been violently silenced in Chicago and other major cities every day?

RIP Trayvon Martin.  For everyone else, please, let him rest in peace.  Do something constructive in his honor rather than something destructive.  That’s the way to honor him. “All Life is Precious.”

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