Gay Flag & Now A Straight Flag – Two Different Celebrations

For Immediate Release

wayne perrymanFor years many organizations have recognized the gay community and their celebration of PRIDE by displaying  their beautiful flag made up of the bright colors of the rainbow.  A flag that represents their identity.

Now the Straight community has a flag made up of beautiful colors, the colors of the people of the world.  It is a flag that represents “Humanity” not sexuality.

We ask that in the name of equality, while these organizations continues to recognize the gay community and their celebration of Gay Pride, that they also recognize the Straight community, not for the colors of the rainbow but for the beauty of Humanity – produced through the process of heterosexuality. (click on the site below to see the flag design).

The following is our flag:

The Straight Flag which is also called the “flag of Humanity” is divided into three sections by three different colors.

The Sky Blue: represents brighter days – our wish of brighter days for all mankind

The White: the white represents peace and our wish for peace for all of Humanity

The Gold: the gold represents the priceless value of the Human Family.

Celebration of Straight Pride Week

Straight Pride will not be celebrated with parades or various displays to express our sexuality, our celebration will focus on service, serving Humanity and serving those in our communities.

During that week of celebration, we will ask schools, corporations, sports organizations, municipalities, churches, mosques and synagogues to encourage and sponsor a number of service projects to serve humanity, everything from tutoring programs for students, to neighborhood clean-up projects, to serving senior citizens and the underprivileged both here and abroad (i.e. in under-developed countries and local and inner-city communities).

To bridge the gap and improve relationships between various groups, we ask citizens and organizations to consider sponsoring dinners, barbecues and other Humanity social events to bring together, the Jews and Muslims, the atheist and Christians, blacks and whites and events that will include and bring together other ethnic groups.

Please click on and see the following designs:

Rev. Wayne Perryman
National Project Chairman

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