Donnie McClurkin Removed from MLK Concert Over Ex-Gay Claims

WASHINGTON (AP) — A gospel singer who says God delivered him from being gay was removed from a concert lineup at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial after a request from Washington’s mayor.

The Washington Post reports singer Donnie McClurkin was scheduled to perform at the concert Saturday evening to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Several gay rights activities objected to his participation ahead of the event.

Doxie McCoy, a spokeswoman for Mayor Vincent Gray, says the Grammy-winning singer decided not perform because the purpose of the event was to bring people together.

But in a video statement, McClurkin says he was “asked not to attend” and was uninvited from the concert. McClurkin says there should be freedom of speech “as long as it’s done in love.”

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One Response to Donnie McClurkin Removed from MLK Concert Over Ex-Gay Claims

  1. tfdfblog says:

    VoV: DC Mayor violated ordinance banning discrimination against exgays

    August 13, 2013 African American, Donnie McClurkin, EXGLBT, former homosexuals

    111019_vincent_gray_ap_328Voice of the Voiceless a Virginia-based advocacy and empowerment organization for EXGLBT Americans said today that Washington DC Mayor Vincent Gray violated a District of Columbia ordinance which specifically bans discrimination against Americans who are EXhomosexuals.

    Via email, Elliot Imse, a policy and public affairs officer with the Office of Human Rights, told Voice for the Voiceless Co-Founder Christopher Doyle yesterday afternoon:

    “We are fortunate that in the District of Columbia, individuals cannot be discriminated because of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression. In 2009, the DC Superior Court ruled that those who identify as ex-gay are protected under the sexual orientation trait of the DC Human Rights Act, the District’s non-discrimination law. Therefore people who identify as ex-gay can file a complaint with our office if they believe they have been discriminated against while accessing housing, employment, a public accommodation or educational institution.”

    Said Doyle, Now, the question remains as to whether the D.C. Office of Human Rights will actually implement these laws and force Mayor Gray to comply with his own order, which forbids the District government and its agencies from discriminating against persons on the basis of sexual orientation. The order reads: “The Director of the D.C. Office of Human Rights, or the designee thereof, is authorized and directed to implement this Order and to monitor the compliance of executive departments and agencies with its directives.”

    Therefore, the D.C. Office of Human Rights is obligated to take action and monitor the compliance of the D.C. Commission of the Arts and Humanities, which made the decision to remove Donnie McClurklin. The D.C. Office of Human Rights should also urge Mayor Gray to follow his own order which demands that “discrimination in violation of the Act will not be tolerated. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action.”

    If the policy demands that violators be disciplined, why is Mayor Gray allowed to flagrantly disregard the policy?

    Double Violation

    According to reports the mayor received 12 complaints about McClurkin’s appearance but a gay news blog cited one homosexual activist Phil Pannell as McClurkin’s chief accuser. Not only did the Mayor, himself a black man, violate a standing ordinance, but in the process and rush to condemnation, shamelessly threw another black man under the bus of social expediency.

    McClurkin, speaking with Roland Martin on the popular Tom Joyner Morning Show [transcript] said that Gray and his assistants lied to the public when they released statements saying that he “withdrew” from the event. What’s more, the Grammy winning artist said despite reports that he would be paid his $10,000 contractual fee, he had not received a single penny. McClurkin didnt even get a retainer fee prior to coming to the event.

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