Video} Inner-City Blacks Sound Off On Why They Are Abandoning Obama And The Democrat Party

Posted by: Posted date: October 29, 2013

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This video was originally done by the folks at Breitbart


It’s been assumed for years that poor minorities will always vote democrat, because the party, for the last two generations at least, has been known to be more “giving” to those in need. However, as you will hear from many of the people in this video who, in the past, have been supporters of the democrats, they will no longer stand by idly and be taken for granted and have their votes assumed. They have seen that the promises given are not being kept, and they are leaving Obama and the liberal democrats in droves.

Some key commentary from folks in the video:

“They take us for granted. They feel like we are going to vote for them (democrats) anyway, but if there was a republican out here doing what he said he’s going to do, I would vote for him.”

Another woman says:

“I think they are self-motivated and their interests aren’t in the community and in a lot of cases, they don’t even live in the community.”

One lady was asked what support she’s seen from President Obama in her Chicago area community, and she says, “He’s not put his support in the community. What I’ve seen is that he’s put his support overseas, and the support he’s put overseas he should be putting in these communities.”

There you have it folks. A message we should have taken a year ago from the folks being written off and having their votes assumed. Let’s make sure we listen to what they are saying this time, and bear it in mind come mid-term elections in 2014.

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