Black History & Homosexuality – More States Approve Same Sex Marriage

As more and more states approve same sex marriage after the recent Supreme Court decision, one would ask, how did the Gay Community accomplish so much in so little of time? 

Over the years, I watched how the Gay Community cleverly used and distorted history to gain acceptance and sympathy for their cause.  They knew that today’s generation knew very little about history, so they used a portion of black history to convince those who knew so little about African American history (including many blacks) that their issues were the same or similar to the issues that African Americans faced. 

In his book, Disunting of America, Harvard the Professor Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. said: “The first step in liquidating a people is to erase their memory.  Destroy their culture and their history.  Then have somebody to write a new book, manufacture a new culture and invent a new history.  Belong they will forget what it is and/or what it was.” 

The Gay Rights Movement came during a time when most Americans knew nothing about “true” Black History, so it was easy for the Gay Community to distort and create a new version of Black History.  They convinced America, that the Miscegenation Laws of the past  that prevented blacks from marrying whites was a major Civil Rights issue among blacks and they, like the blacks wanted to marry whom they wanted.  It was true that Miscegenation Laws (in many states) prevented blacks from marrying whites, but marrying whites was never a Civil Rights issue among blacks. Historically blacks and whites married whom ever they wanted regardless of the law.  Such was the case with the following:


Thomas Jefferson, had a long term public (common law) relationship with a Sally Jennings – a black woman 

Thaddeus Stevens - The Abolitionist Congressman who wrote the original first draft of the 14th Amendment had a long term public (common law) relationship with a black woman 

Fredrick Douglas - The well-known black Abolitionist and a friend of President Lincoln was married to a white woman 

George W. Bush - One of the founding fathers of Washington State was married to a white woman as was his father 

Jan Matziliger - The inventor of the Shoe Lasting Machine was the son of a black father and white mother 

Dr. Daniel Williams - The first black doctor to perform open heart surgery and the founder of the National Medical Association, the largest national association of black doctors and medical professionals was the son of an inter-racial couple (white and black) 

Ben Bannecker- The famous black who produce the first Almanac and laid out the plans for Washington D.C. his grandparents were an inter-racial couple 

Granville Woods -  The famous black inventor was the son of a Native American mother and a black father 


And the list goes on.  Despite .Miscegenation Laws, many public figures and famous persons ignored the law and married blacks.  Over the years (even during slavery) there were tens of thousands of Mulatto children from inter-racial relationships and marriages but the Gay Community never mentioned this fact, a fact of history that so many knew nothing about.  The Gay Community took advantage of the general population’s lack of knowledge and built a campaign around the theme that blacks were denied the right to marry whites, and therefore were denied Civil Rights.  Their Gay Rights Campaign convinced many that marrying whites was one of the major Civil Rights issues that Dr. King was fighting for and therefore convinced the general public to support the Gay’s right to marry.  Without the distortion of black history, the Gay Rights Movement would have had a very difficult time getting the public and media support needed for their success.


Just as Professor Schlesinger Jr. predicted, there are many who are re-writing and distorting Black History and the African American experience for their own personal agenda and this is the primary reason why I produced the documentary: Because of the Color of Their Skin.  My goal is to preserve our true African American history, culture, values and experiences, so others will not be able to distort, discount, or take advantage of our history for their own personal agenda as did the Gay Rights Movement.  Its time to get our history into our schools and colleges.


Rev. Wayne Perryman

Executive Producer

P.O. Box 256

Mercer Island, WA 98040


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