David Webb: Michael Brown Is Sharpton’s New Tawana Brawley

26 Nov 2014

By Greg Richter

 The Rev. Al Sharpton is using the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri to promote himself rather than trying to solve problems, said two fill-in hosts Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s discussion show “The Five.”

Juan Williams, sitting in the “liberal” chair usually occupied by Bob Beckel, said Sharpton never shows up early to try to defuse situations, but only shows up afterward to try to stoke the flames and feed his own needs.

Radio host David Webb, sitting in for Eric Bolling, agreed.

“It’s more than self-serving,” Webb said. “Michael Brown is his new Tawana Brawley.”

Williams protested that the Tawana Brawley case was a “total lie,” but Webb explained he meant that Sharpton used the situation in both cases.

“This is what he’s doing with Michael Brown. His relevance has now been brought back,” Webb said.

Sharpton’s national profile was raised in 1987 when he became involved in the Tawana Brawley case. Then-15-year-old Brawley claimed she had been held captive and raped by several white men, including a New York prosecutor and police officers.

A grand jury determined that Brawley had made up the story.

Recent criticism of Sharpton has included Princeton University professor Cornel West, who said during at event at Miami Dade College on Monday: “I don’t need to be center stage. Trying to tell that to Bro. Al Sharpton, you know?”

“Get out of the way of the camera,” West said. “Let the young folks speak.”

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